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Saturday, 11-Oct-2008 03:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark

good times. ;) Night Safari, Singapore.
from the Underwater World, Singapore.
the crocodiles at Night Safari, Singapore.
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Saturday, 16-Aug-2008 03:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
newbie here =)

It's August 16th, 2008. I'm a new girl in Photographer Club in my school. Just joined this group for 2 weeks. It's my first time being in the ICT Lab as a member for this club. On my first day being here.. We were told by the teachers to register on this site. I got nothing interesting to talk about though.. hehehe..

I'll just pour some of the things that pops out of my mind while I'm typing this. hehehs ~

Haha. Ezzati.. She peeked to the lappy that I'm using right now, trying to read about what am I writing about HAHA Zatyyy. NO CAN DO! hahaha. She's writing about her journey to Mekkah when she performed Umrah. HAHA Zatyyy! I know!! hahaha and uhh.. Zatt.. KAU TAK BOLEH TAHU APA YANG KU TULIS! HAHAHA!

I'm kinda bored of being here.. HAHAHA.. no jokes, no fun, no laughter, *yang fun ku maksud kan tadi tu sal SAJUKSS! HAHAHA and we get to use the lap top at school haha! *

Well, I'm still bored ehh.. before we have our C.C.A., We were having our Ugama lesson. Me, Hajah and Raudhah, helped Cikgu Dady Santi on photocopy-ing our exercises. gee. thanks to Cikgu Dady I managed to avoid someone HAHAHA. *jahat aku ah*

Now, I'm listening to this horrible noise from next class hahaa. Durang like begandang-ing HAHAH. Nda lah horrible sangat aku main-main ja uii! It's COOL jua x ah. hahaha. Nice gandangss boys. or girls haha!

Then, just now, Cikgu Rosiah claimed that me and Ezzati are like KERANI hahah! caliee. =P because kami dua lancar banar typing ahh. hahaha. sakit perut akuu. =P

*While waiting for CCA to end, I think about...*

Wah ~ I'm soo Lapar-OHH. haha.
Wah ~ Wazini ikut itu bola club-OHH. haha.
Wah ~ Zatyy majal peeking-OHH. haha.
Wah ~ aku punya tangan sakit-OHH. haha.
Wah ~ I'm blank wah ~ ahhaa. -OHH.

Majal aku nee te-WAH ~ WAH ~ haha. okeeyy.

dah tah eyhh. I'm gone..


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